Dienstag, November 24, 2009


Finally all the work is done - I'm so glad about it, but it was definitely worth it.
I'm talking about the JIB DA HOUSE railbattle, which took place on Saturday in Kaprun.
I went to the contest area already on Friday and I was so stoked by the huuge setup. Thanks to the team from Ali Zehentner, who did an incredible job. Thumbs up!
So the competition started at 4.45 pm on Saturday. The guys had to start from a ramp in front of the Intersport Bründl building to get speed for the up-box resp. the barrel, which were built right in front of the grand stand. Afterwards the course went on with a down-rail and a c-box in the underground garage.
The crowd was so pleased by all the done 270s on / off, the switch-ups and even 450s off the c-box.
These 8 Riders made it into the finals: Sebi Geiger, Christian Katzbauer, Fabio Studer, Josh Absenger, Tobi Tritscher, Gabriel Gerhart, Flo Wieser, Roy Kittler.
Head-to-head the battle went on.
After another hour of fabolous tricks, runs and climbing stairs from the underground garage up the ramp again, finally Fabio Studer won with a perfectly done run (Up-Box 270 off, Downrail 270 on, fs change, 270 off, Curved Box fs change, 270 off).
1. Fabio Studer
2. Sebi Geiger
3. Josh Absenger
4. Flo Wieser
The day went on with an awesome aftercontest party right at the contest area in the underground garage. About 400-500 people came together and rocked the location. It was incredible to see how the kids went crazy when Kya Bamba was (were?) on the stage.
Nonetheless i headed for home at 1-2am because of lack of sleep.
I hope everyone had a good time & thanks to all of you for your coming!
A special thanks to Christoph Bründl, our mayor Ing. Norbeit Karlsböck, Dir. Peter Präauer and the whole team for organising this event!
Hope to see you next year again!
Lastly here are some pics:

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