Donnerstag, April 01, 2010

models/testimonials wanted

no see long time. sorry for that. nothing worth mentioning so far. my journeys to italy got cancelled due to bad organisation.
the season hasn't been pretty good for me. i guess i just messed up.
however, after the upcomping weekend, where i still have another shooting at the Kitzsteinhorn, the winter has almost ended (for me so far) and i'm now more concentrating on portrait and fashion shots for the upcoming summer.
I already planned a few shooting for the next few weeks and I got a lot of ideas, i really want to put into practice.
But there's one important thing missing. I NEED MODELS/TESTIMONIALS! :)
So if you are interested just feel free to contact me. mail, phone, facebook,.. whatever..
Age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and everything else you can think of doesn't matter. just contact me, and i will explain everything to you. if you have your one ideas or suggestions, feel free to tell them.
looking forward to hear from you.
*mail me


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