Samstag, Mai 07, 2011

Shooting Days with Legs Of Steel

The last few days I had been at the Kaunertal with the boys of Legs Of Steel ( to join them at their last shooting for their upcoming movie, releasing in autumn this year. Additional me and Christoph Schöch were joined by the BR television team, who were filming for a documentation of our shooting days for a tv show, which will show me, as the winner of the on3 photo challenge, joining Christoph at his everyday work.
Due to bad weather all we did the first few days, was just waiting and wishing for better weather. On Wednesday it finally got better and the boys could start shooting. I arrived again on Friday, a bit late, but once arrived, we immediately started to film the last scenes for the upcoming docu.
Late in the afternoon the planned heli session started. Just one word: OVERWHELMING!! The session went down perfectly and the boys were killing it!! ..So be prepared for suuuuuperamazing scenes in the new movie in autumn!! I'm still stoked!

Thanks again for the great time and the amazing opportunity! 

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