Mittwoch, November 13, 2013

Gift Wrapping

I know, you don't want to hear it again - but it's probably unavoidable. Christmas is coming - again.
I'm all into gifting. There is nothing that make me more happy than gift my loved ones - especially with unconventional, stylish stuff.
But there's another point I really enjoy about gifting. The wrapping.
I can't stand that all the christmas prestens are packed kind of equal. All this red or green papers, patterned with reindeirs or christmas trees. Really? Is there nothing else.
Since I'm really into crafting as well, I enjoy making my presents an eye catcher from inside to outside. There are so many ways to wrap you presents a little bit different, but really stylish.
Here are my favourites:

Find inspirations here - from row to row:

  1. Black & White with a little Neon:  KROnPRINSESSENE
  2. Wrapping from old newspapers, posters,...: Scandinavian Deko 
  3. World Card/Thank you Favor Bags:  HEY LOOK
  4. Time to drink champagne: By Zenz
  5. Lettered Wrapping Paper: a subtle revelry 
  6. Hooray Favor bags: via Oh Joy! from the Book Handmade Weddings
  7. Black & White: Wij Zijn Kees 
  8. Pink, Orage, white: Wij Zijn Kees 

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