Donnerstag, Oktober 08, 2009

i heart london.

hey guys,
i just decided to update my blog haha
university has started and actually i have to do my analytics homework now, but i just dont get it. dooh..

a few days ago i had my interview for the article about me on i met hans-martin at this cute little cafe here in ibk. while drinking some coffee - no wait, i was drinking water because i was soo wasted of the hintertux opening party the night before - he was asking me a miiiillion questions. i talked about my goals and the (not) remaining difficulties for me as a girl in this business and about lots of other things and topics. however, you will read it anyhow in a few days on ;)

Finally i organized my trip to the london freeze. im so superexcited. i love london so much and im so looking forward to see the contest. my flights are already booked for 28th oct till 02nd nov. 5 days to stay. thats going to be amazing. the only thing i have to check is my accreditation for my press passes. but i think i dont have to worry about it.

read you later.
analyticts here i come. whoop.


1 Kommentar:

  1. hey Lilly (:

    lang nichtsmehr gehört..
    freut mich dass du jetzt beim Fotografieren so erfolgreich bist, ich schau deine Ski- & Snowboardfotos immer gerne an! Viel Spaß weiterhin und so (;

    Liebe Grüße aus München