Sonntag, November 01, 2009

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hey guys.
sorry for not updating my blog for so much time.. once again haha

currently im in london, sitting in my comfy bed in this superstunning penthouse appartment, watching the raindrops fall and waiting till it stopps ;)
you may ask what im doing in london huh? i was invited to the London Freeze by InTheSnow magazine to take some shots of the event. Pretty cool. I like London.
But my body and mainly my feet are dead (!), because of the walking, shopping, sightseeing and walking Michelle and I did since we arrived at Wednesday. Puh.

So today is already the last day of the event. Tomorrow our flight departures at 6am or something. Including arriving one hour before take off and the annoying 1h45min going to the airport by bus, we have to leave at the lastest at half 4 am. what a horrible time. Michelle and I just planned to go out this evening with some of the guys and start right away to the airport. hopefully it works ;)
That's the most incredibly view from our flat out on the skyline of London. I love it.

btw. Robbie Williams lives in a flat in the tower on the left of the pic. haha
More pics will follow soon.

I have to go to do some work now.. in the rain.. awgh /:
Read you later

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