Montag, November 02, 2009

london here we come

I just arrived back home in Kaprun. I'm so done and so damn wasted after more than 11 hours journey back home and more than 40 hours awake.

The ramp

The stunning Battersea Power Station building.

Yesterday took the loong awaited Big Air Ski Competition place at the London Freeze. I had to take some portrait pictures from some of the riders for InTheSnow Magazine, because they want to publish some interviews i think.

Here are the results:
1. Russ Henshaw, 2. Bobby Brown, 3. Andreas Hatveit, 4. Beni Mayr
Russ won with an incredible score of 99 points, scored with a dub cork 12 dub mute with poke. Awesome.
Thumbs up for you guys!
Watch the video of the contest on Fabio Studer's Blog!
(The pictures I took will follow in the next few days. I have some troubles with the usb and so on..)

Afterwards I went out to party with most of the guys. btw thanks for this awesome party night. It was so much fun.

Freaking wasted Mike Hauser and Skyyyyeee

Skye & Michelle doing the "Chicken Wing Dance" haha

Rule #1: I never kiss strangers!
I had to make clear that i wouldn't be kissing anyone at this party haha

ahhmm.. right. Nick & me

Russ, Nick Draxl & Skye

Michelle & me

I got to know TJ hahah

& Tom Wallisch as well.

After having a reaaally good time with all of the guys, we had to go home at 4am and get our luggage from the apartment. Our chauffeur was already waiting for us in front of the house. so we had to hurry up a little bit and get to the train station, from where we went to the airport.
I swear, i never ever fly again with ryan air. horrible times. And further I had to unpack eevery single thing of my equiptment out of my packbag. It took me so much time, that we almost even missed our flight.
But the most difficult job on my trip was the packing itself. omg, i had to work my ass off to get all of my stuff back in my suitcase. .. yeah but i think that a common girl problem. haha i should have been thinking twice before i bought 3 pairs of shoes and 2 new handbags.
That's what our bedroom looked like on Sunday morning before about 2 hours of pulling, squeezing, pushing...

& now I'm chilling in my comfy bed, going to sleep very early today ;)

Good night everyone <3

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