Donnerstag, November 05, 2009

JIB DA HOUSE international railbattle 21. Nov Kaprun

alohaa, i'm totally into blogging at the moment. it's a very pleasant change from all the university stuff and all the homeworks i actually have to do.

As I probably already mentioned there is going to take place this huge railbattle in Kaprun presented by Intersport Bründl Kaprun.
It's taking place in Kaprun, Austria, my hometown, at the 21st November 2009.

The front facade of the futuristic looking, modern Intersport Bründl Kaprun will be converted into an spectacular rail course. There will be a gap kicker, followed by a downrail into the underground garage and completing with a curved box. A few of the best riders of the european freeski scene are invited.

Take a peek at the confirmed riders list:
Paddy Graham, Andri Ambühl, Beni Mayr, Szczepan Karpiel, Roy Kittler, Tobi Tritscher, Fabio Studer, Luggi Brucic, Marlon Holzmann, Sebi Geiger, Josh Absenger, Tobi Gratz, Christoph Söllner, Toni Höllwart, Patrick Hollaus, Achim Winter, Matthias Leitner, Ambros Früstaller, Rene Schwabl, Gregor Jansenberger, Thomas Fölsner

The finals will last till 20pm. For those of you, who are worried to get annoyed - i promise, that will not be the case ;) - there are a lot of arranged side events (graffiti show,.. blabla) and of course also noone has to freeze or starve at that afternoon resp evening. (Subway's Sandwiches, hot punch, etc,..)
At 20pm also the huuuuge tombula is scheduled. What a pity that I'm not allowed to partake on the tombola haha. I would love doing that. Because for example the first prize is an all-inclusive trip to the European Open in Laax in spring 2010 (including accomodation in a design hotel, lift + party tickets).

What else has to be mentioned?.. ahm. right. THE AFTERPARTY. probably my favorite topic to talk about anyway.
Here we go. The increeeeedible party will take place in the underground garage of the Intersport Bründl, so right at the contest area. For your musical entertainment there is going to be Kya Bamba and some other deeeeejaays. Additionally we will present you the Pickings Fam Movie "Stop It". It's scheduled to start at 21pm, if my memory deserves me right.
For all those of you, who are still doubting, if an everyday's gambling evening still has priority, we also arranged a couch and XBOX area ;) haha.

ahm yeah. i dont know what to write anymore.
Oh well, I have to honor to be the official and only photographer at this event. At 6pm there is also a common photo session for all of you. Everyone has the chance to participate and get a few shots. I will send them to you afterwards.

For more information just visit our official facebook page: HIT ME!

Get your tickets for the event right now ;) there are only 400 available. Get them at Intersport Bründl Kaprun or at Breiti's Intersport Schmittenhöhe at Post Zell am See.
The tickets cost 10eur. On the door they will cost 25eur.
You can also reserve your tickets by writing Breiti an email.

So, see you there! I'm so looking forward to that event.

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