Samstag, November 07, 2009

portrait article

hi everyone,
How are u all doing? I'm doing not too good. To be honest i feel bad, hm. Perfect time for blogging ;)

Yesterday I received an email from the editor of the magazine, in which a portrait of me is going to be published. I was so excited, when I saw the little attachment sign next to the subject, which said "Hey Linda". I knew, that he would send me the finished draft in the next few days. Jeej, superhappy. I was so stoked when I saw it and even more stoked, when I read it.
But ínstead of being yappy, I just show it to you. Take a look:

Click to enlarge. Hope it's possible for you to read it.

It's going to be published in a lifestyle magazine by blocher blocher. "Fräulein Leitners Gespür für Schnee" resp "Linda's Sense Of Snow" (oohh its even written in two languages, i likeee!) sounds so nice. And also the text is written soo amazingly well. I love it.
By the way, 1. David Ortlieb, 2. Gregor Jansenberger, 3. Matthias Leitner, 4. Roy Kittler, 5.Mike Hauser are pictured at the shots above.

Bedtime for me. But before i go to sleep, i ll be waiting for the results of the Barcelona Snow Show.
I kept my fingers crossed for Patrick, Beni and Paddy (and the other guys :), who made it into the finals yesterday. Supersweet! (My personal hot tip: Russ will win again)
Read you soon.
hugs linda

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