Mittwoch, Januar 27, 2010

glemm.bang 2010

back from saalbach, where the glemm.bang 2010 competition took place.
It was amaaaazing how many rookies took part - over 50. It's great to see how the youngsters develop their skills so incredibly fast. Watch out ;)
The park was perfectly shaped and the obstacles well positioned. There was a kicker line of 3, and a jib line, wich included downbox, rainbow, barrel, kinked, downrail,.. i think that's it.

Myself took part in the photo contest. It tried my best, but it hasn't been the best day for me. Nonetheless got some cool shots from my lovely roommates ;)
Put this one on my portfolio. I thought it was worth it.

The results:
  • Freeski:
    1. Flo Wieser
    2. ?

  • Snowboard:
    1. Frederik Wessel
    2. Andy Fritzenwanker
    3. Stefan Wimmer 
take care. bye for now.

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