Donnerstag, Januar 21, 2010


Heey guys,
sorry for not posting this long, but there was just nothing worth mentioning. Unfortunately I hadn't been shooting since the end of 2009. Pretty sad, isn't it?! But tomorrow I'm going to change that fact.
by the way, I wish you all a happy happy new year :) i hope mine will go on just the way it ended.

As you can see, I redesigned my blog layout. I hope you like it. As for myself, I like it a lot more than the old one. But I get annoyed so quickly by such things. We will see, how long this one lasts ;)

Now to the main point of my post. Today my new website launched! Check it out:
It's much more compatible for all browsers and screen sizes. I put a few dynamic AJAX effects into the title navigation. I love it.

Read you soon.
I'm going to write a review of the upcoming contest this weekend. There is also a photo contest taking place. wuhuu.

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